Vivian Sleeth

Vivian “Viv” Sleeth is a spirited and fiery 8 year old girl who was diagnosed with DIPG on June 9, 2022 at only 7 years old. Viv loves animals, friends, and adventures, and is very strong and courageous.

Viv’s parents began to notice symptoms soon after her 7th birthday. Viv then had several doctor appointments, tests and MRI scans. It was less than a week after this that Viv was diagnosed with DIPG. As the family was driving to a neurosurgeon’s office, Viv’s mother, Brittany, received a call telling her to switch that appointment to an oncology appointment. It was during this phone call that the family found out Viv had DIPG, and would need to undergo treatment. 

Viv has completed 30 rounds of radiation, a biopsy, and is the first patient ever to have the entire pons treated at once with the new Phase 1 Trial; Sonodynamic Therapy with ALA. It has been one year since her diagnosis and Viv is currently symptom free and thriving. Viv has gone through treatments with no complaints about the doctor appointments, tests, or needles. Viv is a fighter and we wish her all the best on her journey.