Cristian Rivera Foundation

Board Member Spotlights

Our Board Members are individuals from many different industries and fields united toward the same goal of defeating DIPG.  These spotlights highlight the amazing journeys and personalities of our board members. For an up close and personal look at each one of their lives and connections to the Cristian Rivera Foundation, read their stories below.

Paul Pristavec

“Our successes as a foundation are shown because we are keeping kids alive a little bit longer and through that effort, we are bound to find a cure someday”

Michael V. Narvaez

Michael Narvaez

“I’m a part of this organization because I would never want to deal with this as a parent. Success to me is when we have consistency come out of a trial that’s able to affect a high percentage of kids.”

Melinda Colón Cox

Melinda Colon Cox

“If we extend a child’s life at all, whether it’s one day, a few months, or a few years, that is a success. Celebrating milestones is important because it helps us keep our eyes on the progress that is continuing to be made”.

Jarrad Seuferling

“I’m passionate about putting people together and helping their businesses or organizations grow. I really like uniting the right people together and helping build their goals.”

Maggie Meehan

“Illness doesn’t discriminate. Whether it’s a child or an adult, we are trying to help people at the worst times of their lives.”

Vanessa Rodriguez

“Success is happiness. People should always be in a pursuit to find what makes them happy. Do what you’re passionate about.”

Steve Cox

Steve Cox

“Just because we haven’t found a cure yet doesn’t mean that we haven’t been successful. The fact that we have helped one child, that is a success where there was none before.”

Carlos Colon

“We live for our children and would do anything in our power to protect them and make sure they have a chance to live out their dreams”

Rena Kliot

“The fact that we focus on the families as well goes to show how personal this organization is. It’s thinking about the details that so many other foundations don’t even touch on. I’m so proud of it.”

Aldo Marin

“Success is, to me, being healthy, having your family all around you and being able to sustain yourself in this society. With much love and happiness for all.”