Team – Cristian Rivera Foundation

Cristian Rivera Foundation Team

Creative Director

Bryan Vallejo

Team Leader

Conall Anderson


Crystal Shang


Bryan Vallejo is an instrumental member of the Cristian Rivera Foundation. Bryan attended the Borough of Manhattan Community College where he received his Associate’s in Multimedia Programming. He continued his education at the Institute of Pittsburgh for animation. Bryan has always had a passion for drawing and creating images so that they can come to life. One of his biggest accomplishments was the opportunity to illustrate “Cristian’s Journey” written by CRF Founder, John “Gungie” Rivera. Bryan is grateful for the potential that John saw in him, as well as his role in CRF.

Conall Anderson is a junior at the University of Oregon majoring in political science and public relations with a minor in Spanish. He enjoys music, teaching, politics, and TV shows


Crystal Shang is a Chinese Canadian, a graduate from United World College USA, and is currently taking a gap year to explore herself and apply her classroom knowledge to real world. She enjoys photography, yoga and fencing.