Thank you for donating with love to The Cristian Rivera Foundation. All donations go directly toward finding a cure for Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma and supporting families affected by D.I.P.G. CRF is a 501(c)(3). Our E.I.N. number is 90-0499789. All donations are tax-deductible.

Cristian’s story magnifies just how important the work of the Cristian Rivera Foundation truly is. That work is to find a cure for DIPG which ultimately claimed his life at 6 years old. Your tax-deductible donation will one day find a cure for DIPG so no other family will have to suffer the grief that Cristian’s family endured.

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The Cristian Rivera Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose board members donate their time free-of-charge. Please help us reach our goal and get involved by making a donation, joining our fundraising efforts, or volunteering. The Cristian Rivera Foundation is totally dependent on its sponsors and donations for being able to support its projects.

A tax-deductible donation to the Cristian Rivera Foundation will support ground-breaking DIPG research toward our ultimate goal of finding a cure. Donations also help us create DIPG awareness and financially support families affected by DIPG. To date, the Cristian Rivera Foundation has donated over $3,000,000.00 (Three Million Dollars) toward these goals.


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Cristian Rivera Foundation is a 501(c)(3)

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Meet Our Warriors

Alexa Huber

Alexa Huber was diagnosed with D.I.P.G. shortly before her son’s second birthday. She is a 29-year-old stay-at-home mom. Thankfully, she survived past the 18 months she was given. Her son has started kindergarten, and Alexa continues to enjoy her passions for crafting and running.

Emiliano “Emi” Bermejo

Emiliano “Emi” Bermejo was first diagnosed with D.I.P.G. in May 2020. Within 4 months of his diagnosis, and with the guidance and help of CRF, Emi was treated on Dr. Souweidane’s CED Trial, showing signs of improvement soon thereafter. He has already beaten the odds by living with D.I.P.G. for over 3 years when he was told he had 8 months to live. Emi has stolen our hearts and is part of our CRF family.

Jesselyn Silva

Jesselyn Silva was on her way to becoming an Olympic boxer before her diagnosis two years ago in July. However, she’s still fighting, and has the support of the entire boxing community behind her. With the help of CRF, she has met Mike Tyson, Gervonta Davis, stood in the ring with the undefeated Edgar Berlanga, and received her NYS Boxing License from the governor. We are currently searching for clinical trials for her.

Lisha Ayala

Lisha Ayala has been living beyond D.I.P.G. for over 10 years after being diagnosed in 2013 and being told that she only had 9 months to live. She was treated on the Convection Enhanced Delivery trial which we sponsor with Dr. Mark Souweidane. We are proud to report that her tumor has not grown and remains stable. Lisha dreams of going to college to become a veterinarian.

Maria Kuenster

Maria Kuenster was one of the few adults diagnosed with D.I.P.G. She has lived with D.I.P.G. for over 6 years, making her part of the 1% category that survive D.I.P.G. for more than 5 years. She’s now a college graduate and has advocated for D.I.P.G. awareness through Maria’s Miracle, where she raised nearly $45,000 to support others with D.I.P.G.

Nicole Puglisi

Nicole Puglisi was diagnosed with D.I.P.G. in 2016 at the age of 22. She only found out she had a tumor following an MRI after a car accident. Nicole believes she was diagnosed with D.I.P.G. to help others, and she is now deeply involved in supporting others in the D.I.P.G. community. Despite her diagnosis, Nicole walked the stage at graduation.