Cristian Rivera Foundation

DIPG Angels

Angels are members of our community who have lost the hard fight against DIPG but inspire us to strive for our foundation’s goals.
By sharing their personal experiences with DIPG to the rest of the world, we’re able to amplify the urgency to find a cure.
We work in honor of our angels, so no other child or family will lose a life to DIPG again.

Adrian Hagman
Aimee Dickey
Alexander Jonathan Montes
Alicia Martin
Alicia Pueyo
Allen Xiong
Alyson Usher
Andrew Smith
Ashlyn Poole
Aubrey Bonnichsen
Baylor Arlene Nichols
Brendan Duhaime
Brendan Pederson
Brooke Elizabeth Healey
Caitlin Presley Downing
Caleb Lanz
Carlos “Juju” Ibarra
Colt “Tyson” Waid  Jr.
Colton Tanner Thurman
Cristian Alexander Rivera
Delaney Starcher
Dominic Henriquez
Domonic Lee Horns
Dylan Harrell
Elliot Rose
Emily Jane Thorburn
Emma Bartolomucci
Emma Marie Marques
Ethan Max Williams
Ethan Perkins
Faith Sonia Griffin
Franky Talley
Garett Christopher Hall
Garrett Weber
Gunner Henry Gman Gillespie
Hope Fuller
Hudson Sands