Alicia Pueyo – Cristian Rivera Foundation
Alicia Pueyo
Date of Birth: February 26, 2000
Date of Diagnosis: August 21, 2006
Earned Her Wings: November 21, 2007

She was born in Santander on February 26, 2000 and since then she was characterized as an extremely happy girl. As one of his teachers told us, he had the most infectious laugh he had ever heard. With a strong character and an iron will, he always achieved the small and large objectives that were set during his short but intense life.

When she was 6 years old, during a family vacation abroad, Alicia began to show some strange symptoms, such as extreme tiredness, awkwardness when walking or sporadic vomiting that we initially attribute to the effects of a long trip for her age.

Seeing that the symptoms were getting worse, the same day we returned home we took her to a hospital center to be evaluated. After an emergency scan, we were told that he had a brain tumor, but it was two days later, on August 21, 2006, when in the Sant Joan de Deu Hospital in Barcelona they gave us the worst diagnosis that we could face: Alicia had a diffuse brain stem glioma (DIPG), a highly malignant, inoperable cancer for which there is no curative treatment today. The life expectancy for children affected by this tumor is about 12 months.

After such a terrible and devastating diagnosis, we began to look for possible treatments in international reference centers. None gave us any hope and

It was at the Sant Joan de Deu Hospital itself that they offered us a  novel and experimental treatment  that gave us at least the possibility of fighting and trying.

Alicia’s fight lasted 15 months . He underwent radiotherapy, chemotherapy, rehabilitation ……. but she always kept the strong and fighting spirit that characterized her. It was she who encouraged us to start activities, go out to dinner, go to the movies,…. never gave up. During those intense months, he saw his cousin born and shared his first year of life with her, he finally had the dog he loved so much, he visited Florence and the Tower of Pisa, he learned to read and write, and so many things they would do an endless list.

Alicia left us on November 21, 2007 but she will always be present among her family and in the memory of all those who had the privilege of meeting her.