October 19th 2008

Cristian had many visitors today. My uncle, Pastor Fito and his wife along with another Pastor and his wife came to pray for Cristian. They came from Philadelphia. It took them over five and a half hours to get here. Nothing stopped them. They arrived five minutes before visiting hours were over. Ester’s uncle Pastor Rivera also came by earlier. I want to thank both groups for their beautiful prayers. Cristian had to be put on a partial breathing device which is not as bad as the tube. Cristian’s right lung looks sort of deflated or collapsed. Cristian still has alot of fluid in his lungs. These things concern us all. Cristian has been out of it and not responsive as yesterday. Later Sunday night Cristian eyes opened and responded to me. His eyes were set on the tv so I asked Cristian if he wanted to watch cartoons and Cristian nodded yes. I put on Goofy. Cristian watched tv for almost an hour while I massaged his feet. Afterwards Cristian fell asleep. We need all the prayer and support. We just want Cristian to wake up fully and be strong enough to breath on his own and come home.

John “Gungie” Rivera
Forever Cristian’s Daddy