October 18th 2008

Cristian is off the sedation in order for him to be able to wake up and the doctors can then try to take out the breathing tube so Cristian can start to breathe on his own. The waiting room was packed with Family, Friends and Loved Ones. Later that evening Cristian had the tube taken out and is breathing pretty much on his own. Cristian is still very much out of it. Cristian also has alot of flem in his lungs. Cristian started opening his eyes towards the end of the day and even started talking a little bit. Overall I am pleased with Cristian’s progress. My Uncle Nestor and cousin Rafael came to pray for Cristian as well as Ester, Gus and Eileen. I want to thank them all for their continued support. God is the ultimate healer and through God all is possible.

John “Gungie” Rivera
Forever Cristian’s Daddy