October 21st 2008

Jenelle Text me a little after 12 noon to hurry to the hospital because Cristian was working too hard to breathe and they didn’t know how long he could keep it up. This was horrible. I was so worried when I was driving to the hospital. I rushed over and when i got to the hospital Cristian’s breathing rate was between 50 and 80. He shouldnt be past 30. Cristian was alert and when I looked into his eyes and asked him if he saw me, Cristian nodded yes. I asked Cristian if he knew I loved him and also nodded yes. I asked Cristian if he loved me and he nodded yes again. Cristian’s eyes looked either sad, tired or worried. This was heart breaking. Cristian is suffering so much. We had to put him back on the breathing tube. This is such a major set back. This is heart breaking. Cristian was sedated and the tube was put back in. Cristian opened his eyes a few hours after the breathing tube was put in. Cristian’s sister Brittnee came and Cristian respondea guy and healer and Ray prayed for Cristian over the phone. WE WILL NOT GIVE UP OUR FAITH.

John “Gungie” Rivera
Forever Cristian’s Daddy