Getting Ready for the Holidays: COVID Edition

As Thanksgiving comes to a close, preparations for the holidays have finally begun. Christmas lights, present shopping, and holiday drinks are all right around the corner, but in the midst of all of the excitement we still have to remember that we are in a pandemic. So here are 5 ways to stay jolly and safe this holiday season.

1. Buying Presents

Cut out long lines, crowded malls, and the stresses of shopping for presents. This year, you can buy almost anything you need online! You’ll know what’s in stock, be able to browse, and it’ll be done in a pinch. With contactless delivery and curbside pickup, COVID safe shopping is easier than ever!

2. Decorations

From simple christmas lights to a front yard christmas show, decorating can be loads of fun! But, if you are in close proximity to neighbors make sure to maintain social distancing policies and stay safe. If you are walking around looking at christmas lights and decorations that are up for the season, make sure to do so safely!

3. Friends and Family

After quarantine, the idea of being able to see family and friends is very exciting! However, for the safety of others as well as ourselves, we must try to take the proper precautions. Before meeting each other, take two weeks to quarantine respectively or get tested for COVID-19. After going back home make sure to do the same so that everyone stays happy and healthy this holiday season!

4. Food

Christmas dinner sounds absolutely scrumptious but the loads of grocery trips doesn’t sound as great. This holiday season, to maintain our health and safety, try and make grocery trips less frequent. You could also utilize the contactless curbside pickup or grocery drop-off options that many stores offer. If you are going to the store, make sure to wear a mask, wash your hands after coming back home, and sanitize/wash your groceries.

5. Traveling

Last but not least, if you are traveling by car or plane make sure to take all of the safety precautions you can. Wear a mask in public, wash your hands as often as possible, try to avoid crowded areas, and keep some hand sanitizer available. If you are traveling by plane make sure to follow the COVID-19 guidelines in place and stay safe!

This year has been incredibly difficult and strenuous, but it is almost over. We have finally made it to the holidays! Now cozy up by the fireplace with some eggnog and remember that we must all work together to stay safe in this pandemic.

By Mahi Kovuuru

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