6 Tips To Maintain Healthy Relationships

In this day and age, many of us desire healthy relationships in order to stay happy, feel loved and balanced, so that we may better understand our purpose and overall value. Studies have shown that healthy relationships tend to increase our happiness, improve our overall health and reduce stress. These tips apply to all relationships such as friendships, work and family and even your healthcare partners.

  1. Be present.
    Being present can help increase the longevity of your relationship and it also has a positive impact on your happiness as well. Being aware and present with someone provides you a level of trust and a level of connection that is needed to truly understand and recognize each other. Being present is a gift in our relationships and reminds us that giving our full attention and time to someone can really mean a lot. Expressing warmth and affection appropriately is also essential too!
  1. Keep expectations realistic.
    No one is perfect, or can be everything we may expect or want them to be in any given moment. Healthy relationships mean accepting people for who they are and not trying to change them or force things.
  1. Ask questions, talk to one another and share information. Reciprocation is key.
    When you ask someone a question genuinely, this shows that you are interested and that you care about a person. You can learn a lot about a person and or their experiences, feelings, opinions or interests by genuinely listening and answering someone’s questions without making them feel intimidated or uncomfortable. Studies show that sharing information helps relationships begin. Reciprocating in a healthy conversation means that your conversations are not one-sided. It also allows for you to have a balanced relationship with someone, especially when you are getting to know someone new. For when we give, we recieve in return. Communication is essential for healthy relationships.
  1. Be dependable and take responsibility for your mistakes.
    Being dependable is important when maintaining a healthy relationship because when we take on a responsibility in a relationship, it forces us to be honest with not only ourselves, but with someone else we care about in order to maintain their confidence and full trust in us. Taking responsibility for our mistakes is key, and owning up to them can go a long way. While some problems may not be easily resolved right away, it is important to remember that everyone has a purpose even if personalities, beliefs, or values don’t always align. Making an effort to meet in the middle or figuring out a way to work together demonstrates a healthy relationship too.
  1. Be intentional and be fair.
    Being intentional in a relationship means being open and honest with someone. The more you communicate your challenges or problems instead of letting them win, the more we grow closer and gain respect for others. Being intentional is important in a healthy relationship because it also allows people to be happier. While sometimes we may come across conflicts or disagreements, being fair means cooling down before talking if we are upset and-or respecting others by trying to understand their perspectives.
  1. Focus on the current issue.
    When it comes to conversing with others, it is important to avoid using the words “always” and “never”and to address one issue at a time. When faced with a disagreement with someone, it is important to attack the problem, rather than the person. Trying to clearly, specifically, and factually describe behavior that may have upset you is better than being quick to judge.

While maintaining healthy relationships is an ongoing process, always remember to be the best version of yourself to live a healthy and balanced life! While everyone is different,  communication and support go a long way. When it comes to DIPG, we want you to feel comfortable about asking us questions and we want to encourage you to reach out if you ever need any help. We are grateful for your love and support. Always remember to live life, “Full Steam Ahead!”

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