10 Things To Be Grateful For During Covid-19 in 2020

If you were to create a list of what you are grateful for during the COVID-19 season, what might you include? While we know that Covid-19 has impacted everyone, we want to encourage you to continue focusing on the good and hope that you will reflect with us on the many blessings we have.

Here are 10 things we are grateful for during this Covid-19 season.

1. All of our hardworking and dedicated medical professionals. All of their hard work, endless support and time should not go unnoticed. We are grateful for all that you do and thank you for continuing to work hard as the virus picks up again in our country.

2. More time to spend with your family. It is our hope that everyone has had the chance to bond with their family, maybe in a deeper way especially during quarantine or if you’ve had to work from home remotely. This season has definitely been tough on everyone, so we want to encourage you to lean on your loved ones and to make some time for yourself too.

3. Extra time to spend with your pets. Pets are great for company and always provide so much love and comfort. During this pandemic, many animals are in need of a loving family and a new home. If you are able and interested, we encourage you to consider fostering or adopting a pet by going online or in person to check out your nearest local shelters and rescue places.

4. There are many companies who are working on finding treatments or a vaccine for the coronavirus.  The virus has impacted so many people’s lives and we want to acknowledge and thank the companies who are continuously dedicating their time and efforts to helping improve our health, our lives in general, and our future. 

5. For all of the professors and teachers who are working with and teaching their students both in school or remotely online. During this time, many children and their families have had to adapt to different learning styles whether it has been virtually or in-person. We are grateful for all their flexibility, efforts and patience.

6. For all the professional caregivers in nursing home environments that are providing additional comfort and support for your loved ones. Many caregivers have worked countless hours to ensure health precautions have been met and followed as they have been working with the elderly. We are grateful for all their time and care.

7. For hand sanitizer, wipes, soap and masks. All of these resources have been essential for us to have during this COVID-19 season and have helped keep each other safe.

8. For Netflix, movies, and technology in general! We are grateful for technology that has allowed us to bond with people we love and for being a comforting outlet to sit back and relax to. Technology is so advanced these days that it can also help us learn something new and allows us to catch up on specific stories and events.

9. The ability to give and donate to other people and charities in need. We would not be where we are without your love and support. We are also thankful for the opportunity to help others in need and to be able to give and support great causes in order to make a positive difference in other people’s lives.

10. Lastly, we are grateful for toilet paper and paper towels. Sometimes it can be easy to take the simple things like this for granted. This coronavirus has definitely reminded many of us this season to appreciate the little things.

There are so many things to be grateful for this season and this list only covers a few! We hope that you are staying distant, safe and healthy during this COVID-19 season! We are reminded to appreciate what we have and to count our blessings, despite our circumstances each day. We are grateful for you and your support! Full Steam Ahead!

By AnneMarie Hoopes

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