6 Tips To Maintaining A Positive Mindset!

Here are 6 tips to help you keep a positive mindset, even when the going gets tough!

We care about you and we hope that these tips inspire you to live life to its fullest!

  1. Start your day strong with a grateful mindset.

While some days it can seem easier than others to wake up with a smile on our face, it is important to remind ourselves that we have the power to focus on the good and to remember the blessings we have in life. Each day is a new day, and each of us have a special purpose as we learn and grow. Keeping a gratitude journal is a great way to stay focused on what is most important, even the simple and little things in life!

  1. Say positive affirmations and declare positive declarations to yourself.

This can be a great exercise to train your mind to see the positive things in difficult situations. Doing this can also boost yourself mentally. For example, it may help increase your confidence and allow you to take a step back and focus less on what might seem to be negative or what is going wrong and to instead help you remember that you are capable and worthy to be where you are in your life.

  1. Read inspirational books, listen to podcasts, and watch videos that share positive messages!

Feed your mind with positive messages to remind yourself to tap into positive emotions. This will also allow you to hear or learn more about the different ways you can experience living your life with a greater purpose! You can do this at work, while driving your kids to or from school, or during a time that works best with your schedule.

  1. Your language can shape your thoughts.

Your words have power and impact and little changes in your language can change the way you think and act. Remember to think about what your language is communicating to others and yourself. Ask yourself if your language is coming across to others appropriately and respectfully. Sometimes recharging our own personal batteries by taking time to read a book or relaxing can help too!

  1. Surround yourself with other positive people.

Find your tribe and love them well! A positive friend can inspire you to do your best and challenge you to go out of your comfort zone while remaining strong and focused on the good that is yet to come!

  1. Show your appreciation for others.

Who doesn’t love receiving a kind “Thank You!” or compliment from someone else? Sometimes the smallest words or the most simple gesture such as a friendly wave or smile can go a long way! Expressing your appreciation by doing an act of kindness towards another person can really create a positive impact and help people feel seen and valued!

We hope these tips inspire you to remain positive and to keep on going. You can do it! The Cristian Rivera Foundation believes in you and in all of our efforts in working together to find a cure for DIPG. We love and appreciate you and thank you for your support. Just remember our motto, “Full Steam Ahead!”

By: AnneMarie Hoopes

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