6 Fall Activities To Do With Your Kids

Looking for some fun activities to do with your kids this fall season? Check out 6 of our ideas below!

  1. Visit a pumpkin patch

When the weather is nice, visit a pumpkin patch! This can be a great way to spend time with your family outdoors and it is a great way to show your children nature. Your children can also gain a stronger appreciation for the outdoors and this can be an educational opportunity for them to see how pumpkins grow out of the ground and are attached to vines!

  1. Bake a delicious Fall treat

Baking can be a fun and unique experience for everyone. Especially when you try a new recipe, or when you can make something that can be shared with others to enjoy. So grab your eggs, butter, sugar, and flour and bake something great!

  1. Have some fun with arts and crafts

Did you know that there are many benefits to arts and crafts? A few benefits include serving as a form of self expression, allowing you to be creative and productive, helping to develop social skills for children, and providing you with some fall inspiration to help keep your children busy.

  1. Carve some pumpkins

Have you ever wondered about the meaning behind carving pumpkins? Well, the Celts used to carve faces on large vegetables such as turnips and then hollowed the inside of them so they could put a candle inside. When the light would show through the carved faces, it would be used to scare away evil spirits. Additionally, the light was used to guide the Celts people to their homes and was used for the good spirits and travelers. You can also try roasting the pumpkin seeds for a tasty fall snack!

  1. Go outdoors to play in the leaves

Playing outdoors is always a great way for kids to get their energy out! Playing in the leaves can also be a fun way for kids to learn about the different types of leaves found in the fall nature.

  1. List 5 things you are grateful for

This is an easy exercise because it allows you to reflect on what is meaningful to you and helps you to remember the simple blessings in life. Another fun idea that you can try is to create a gratitude journal with your family and friends.

Our hope is that this Fall you will enjoy the many fun and wonderful activities that the fall season can bring! Our CRF team is grateful for all your love and support, as we continue to work together towards finding a cure for DIPG.  

By: AnneMarie Hoopes

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