Safe Fall Family Fun Ideas

The weather may be getting cooler but don’t let that stop you from creating exciting activities and memories with your family. It’s the perfect time to be outside with all of the beautiful leaves or you can stay inside and let your imagination run wild. We are sharing five fall COVID-friendly ideas to get the whole family involved!

  1. Take Family Movie Night Outside! Elevate your movie night by hanging a bedsheet from the side of a fence or a side of your house to recreate a big screen. Make it cozy by using big blankets and pillows as you watch a movie under the stars! If it’s chilly, make some hot chocolate! 
  1.  Host a Royal Squirrel Watch Party! The squirrels are out in full force right now preparing for the harsh winter. If your family is looking for something fun and free to do, watch the squirrels. See what squirrely antics they are up to, turn them into characters and narrate their lives, and even commentate on their next move! 

  1. Go for a Hike! We live in a beautiful world filled with endless nature to discover. Go outside to see the local beauty. Get some fresh air and move those muscles. Make a game out of it! Play iSpy or Red Light, Green Light.

  1. Carve or paint pumpkins! A fall classic. Host a family pumpkin carving or painting contest. Challenge each other to design the best pumpkins in town. Whoever wins gets more Halloween candy! 
  1. DIY Halloween Costume! Who doesn’t love to dress up and make their own costume? Spark your imagination to craft the best Halloween costumes ever. Use supplies you find around your house to be whoever you want to be.

Hopefully, we were able to spark your imagination and help you think outside of the box when it comes to family activities. Enjoy the wonderful fall weather and create some lifelong memories with your family while staying safe.

By Lily Abadir

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