Ways to Have Fun Indoors This Summer

This summer has been one of the hottest I have ever experienced. With temperatures reaching 102 in the afternoons, it’s no wonder I want to curl up in an AC-filled room and never leave. Here are a few ways to keep yourself and the kiddos entertained when the sun is too hot to handle.

Making slime can be a very easy and super fun experiment for kids of all ages. All you need is some glue, glitter, baking soda, and saline solution. These are all ingredients that could be in a cabinet in your house right now. In just a few minutes you and your child could create a fun slime toy while making memories in the process. This quick video from In The Kitchen With Matt shows all the correct measurements.

Keeping a toddler’s attention is almost impossible, so allowing them to take the reins in a simple science experiment might be helpful. With just a mason jar, shaving cream, water, and food coloring you can create a whole rain cloud atmosphere in your hand. By taking a major jar, filling it up halfway with water, adding shaving cream on top it creates the cloud effect. When adding blue food coloring on top, it falls through the shaving cream creating an imitation of rain. The Modern Mom Life gives a demonstration in this Pinterest post.

Sensory boxes have become a major trend on social media for kids. These ideas have sparked the imagination of many parents to further explore how to stimulate their child’s active brain. A quick idea for a sensory box that is safe for eating is to fill a big bowl or perhaps a small box with rice cereal or cheerios. With the cereal in the container, add clean toys or blocks in the cereal with a spoon or shovel. By allowing the child to retrieve their toys and play with the cereal without restraint it will encourage them to be more active.

Snack time can be a perfect time to have some fun with your kiddos. A yummy treat that is easy to make could be an amazing activity for you. A recipe I strongly recommend is Monkey Treats. Easy to make and super delicious, these bananas are frozen until firm then dipped in chocolate and topped with whatever you decide. At only 72 calories this can be a quick, easy, healthy treat for you and your kids. The recipe is linked here for complete directions.

Life can be hectic, and in an ever changing environment, the time to connect with each other is now. Being able to find activities to do with your loved ones is extremely important. Hopefully these suggestions will allow both parents and children to express their “inner kid” while staying cool inside.

By Emma Hall

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