Can We Detect Gliomas Before They Form?

Urinary biomarkers have been used to test tumor-related protein secretions for a while in medicine, but in recent years has been especially helpful with inoperable brain tumors like DIPG. Urine serves as a suitable biomarker source due to its accumulation of systemic body changes through protein secretion, and it’s not invasive the way a biopsy would be. Catching a glioma early is incredibly important to better outcomes for patients.

According to a 2020 study done by Jianqiang Wu, the use of urinary biomarkers showed promise for detecting gliomas, but there are still more studies to be done. We are hopeful that research in this particular area will increase and see more funding, so that gliomas can be detected before they begin to fully form.

 Here is the study by Jianqiang Wu if you’d like to read more in depth on his findings.

By Sydney Forte

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