Golden sun given human form,
Molded from the flesh of the earth,
Animated with raw sparks of lightning,
Eyes full of vibrant life,
A heart still beating with blood,
Flowing furiously like a mighty river,
Warm and soft skin like dough,
Shifting to the smooth touch.

Clouds cover the sky with billowing capes,
Bare fragments of light pierce the veil,
But they are drowned out by thunder,
Water floats and dances in the air,
As if tiny fish swimming within the ocean,
Of our world.

Storms rage aplenty,
But through the darkness,
The sun rises above all,
Spreading its light,
Reflecting upon each droplet of water,
Brightly displaying its glorious splendor,
For all the world to see,
Leaving just a tiny piece,
All for you, alone.

By Aayush Gandhi

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