Remembering Cristian Rivera Foundation Honorary Committee Member The Late & Great Anthony Mason on what would have been his 50th Birthday


Today, December 14th, the Cristian Rivera Foundation would like to take a moment and wish our Honorary Committee Member, the Late and Great Anthony Mason a very Happy Birthday in Heaven.

Anthony Mason was an amazing committee member and was so dedicated to the foundation and to our mission of never to relenting in our fight until we find a cure for DIPG. Anthony Mason’s work ethic and dedication still resonates with  The Cristian Rivera Foundation, we have made remarkable progress in finding a cure because of Anthony’s vision.

“Being on the Cristian Rivera Foundation Committee means a lot to me,” Mason stated proudly. “I know what it’s like with my own kids and though you can never know what it’s like for someone to lose a child, I can only imagine since I know how I feel when my kids only get hurt. I want people to get involved and start doing the research to cure this disease because we as parents should not have to bury our children.”

Anthony Mason is a legend, and will forever be missed.

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