Our October 2023 Newsletter. Happy Halloween from CRF!

October 2023 Newsletter


September 2023 Newsletter

Happy Halloween from the Cristian Rivera Foundation! There’s no better time to be a kid, and there’s nothing better as a parent than seeing your child having a good time. Cristian loved to trick-or-treat (mostly the treat part). We hope that all of your families have a safe night and that you save some candy for November!

October 2023 Newsletter


14th Annual CRF Celebrity Gala

October 2023 Newsletter

The 14th Annual CRF Celebrity Gala is just a month away, and are 90% sold out! We love to see all of our supporters coming together at this event. Each year, this is THE biggest night of fundraising for DIPG research and family support. Purchase seats for you and your guests at cristianriverafoundation.org/14annualcrfgala/.

Whether or not you’re attending the gala, there are several ways to help us fight DIPG. We encourage you to consider donating at cristianriverafoundation.org/donation/. You can also contact us info@cristianriverafoundation.org if you’re interested in donating an auction item that will be sold at the gala. Finally, we are looking for volunteers to help make the gala run smoothly. If you know anyone that might be interested, tell them to send an email to info@cristianriverafoundation.org and we will be in touch.


This Year We are Proud to Honor

October 2023 Newsletter

Harrison Bader, recipient of the 2023 CRF Heroes Award, is a Major League Baseball star. We met him when he traveled out of his way to one of our events to support our DMG warrior Jesselyn Silva, but he’s known to the country for visiting children in hospitals and schools.

October 2023 Newsletter

Dr. Jacquie Smiles, recipient of the 2023 CRF Vision of Hope Award, has brought smiles to so many children — through her work as an orthodontist, through her support of CRF, and through the Dr. Smiles Foundation to stop cyberbullying. Her vision of a future where all children are safe and healthy is an inspiration to us

October 2023 Newsletter

Rena Kliot, recipient of the 2023 CRF Service and Dedication Award, serves as the Executive Board Member for the foundation. She is a model board member who goes above and beyond for our warriors. Just last year, she set up a meet and greet between Jesselyn and Mike Tyson.

October 2023 Newsletter

Maria Kuenster, recipient of the 2023 CRF Warrior Award, is a determined advocate for all DIPG warriors. Following treatment from a clinical trial, she has become part of the 1% who survive DIPG past 5 years. This is one of the strongest people you will ever meet.



October 2023 Newsletter

Malik Yoba is an actor, filmmaker, and the founder of Yoba Development, an organization educating communities of color and increasing diversity in commercial real estate. You’ll recognize him from projects like Cool Runnings and New York Undercover — he has over 50 film credits and over a dozen lead roles in television.

October 2023 Newsletter

Kenan Thompson is an Emmy Award-winning actor and comedian known for his 20 years on SNL, making him the show’s longest-tenured cast member. He starred in the classic movie Good Burger, which has a sequel coming out next month. He’s also a proud CRF Board Member.

October 2023 Newsletter

Luis Guzman is an actor and CRF Board Member. Just last year, he starred as Gomez Addams in Netflix’s hugely successful special, Wednesday. His new movie "Story Ave" hit theaters last week and the reviews are amazing. His stellar 40-year career in movies and television is going strong.

October 2023 Newsletter

Darlene Rodriguez is the CRF Board of Director and the host of NBC’s Today in NY.


Without your support, the Cristian Rivera Foundation can’t do our work to support families affected by DIPG and to research a cure. We are incredibly grateful to each of you that have contributed your time to helping the children who need it the most. Continue to stay up to date at cristianriverafoundation.org.


October 2023 Newsletter


October 2023 Newsletter

Meiling Macias Toro
October 1st

October 2023 Newsletter

Gio Urshela
October 11th

October 2023 Newsletter

Luis Guzman
October 22nd

All of us at CRF would like to wish you all the happiest of birthdays! We could not do what we do here without you, and we appreciate your support and dedication to our cause more than you will ever know. We Love You 10!

October 2023 Newsletter

7th Annual Flashback Boat Ride

The Video Highlights Of Our 7th Boat Ride
on Sat July 15th Are Finally Here

October 2023 Newsletter

October 2023 Newsletter

D.I.P.G. Angel Anniversaries

Angels are members of our community who have lose the hard battle against D.I.P.G. but inspire us to strive for our foundation’s goals. By sharing their personal experiences with D.I.P.G. to the rest of the world, we’re able to amplify the urgency to find a cure. We work in honor of our angels, so that no other child or family will lose a life to D.I.P.G. again.

October 2023 Newsletter

October 2023 Newsletter

D.I.P.G. Angel Bdays

This month we remember the birthdays of our Angels! Happy Birthday to our Angels. Our thoughts and prayers are with their families and loved ones. These angels will never be forgotten.

October 2023 Newsletter

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