October 9th 2008

Jenelle met with Dr.Khakoo about the options and Jenelle chose to go with Etoposide and Depacode. The doctors called me to get my consent and i went along with Jenelle’s wishes. I wanted to keep Cristian just on Protocel along with the Chiropractor, Reiki and Ray for one month, without a trial drug. At that point we would have an MRI and see if there was an improvement. Jenelle’s reasons for not wanting to go my route is a valid one. Jenelle feels that we dont have to wait. Jenelle has been in contact with the Mother of another patient that was diagnosed with little time to live before he started on Etoposide and Depacode and is now doing well. I consented with Jenelle. We will still have him on Protocel, Chiropractor, Reiki and Ray simontaniously. We want to thank everyone for their support. God is good and we know that God is going to put a hand on Cristian and heal him.

John “Gungie” Rivera
Forever Cristian’s Daddy