January 6th 2009

We spoke to Dr. Khakoo who feels Cristian is stable enough to go back to St. Mary’s. Jenelle and I are against it because we feel he should stay a few days to make sure that his breathing doesn’t become unstable again. Jenelle and I have a meeting Wed 01/07/09 @ 9am at Memorial Sloane Kettering with Dr. Khakoo and the team to discuss where we go from here. It has been almost 3 months since Cristian has been hospitalized. It was Friday October 17, 2008 when Cristian went in for the shunt revision. Cristian was eating, speaking, laughing, playing, ordering trains, surfing the net, watching his DVD’s but not walking. We had Cristian on Protocel for approximately 3-4 weeks and Cristian was seeing Dr. Bob, Ray, on a healthy eating regiment and having Reiki. These are all the things Dylan,, was on. We felt we were on the right track. Friday October 17th was a major setback. I believe in Miracles and I ask all of you loyal family and friends to join in and Pray that God heals our Baby Boy. This is so difficult and so hard on Cristian to be in this helpless position. This is also so hard on us to have to stand by and watch. God please, please, please save our baby. I will serve you humbly for my entire life!!!<br/><br/>John “Gungie” Rivera<br/>Forever Cristian’s Daddy