January 21st 2009

Doctors Walker, Pyne, Velaquez, and Bob spoke with me today on conference to discuss a Move Forward Game Plan. Dr. Bob, as you might know from our past Journal Entries, was the Doctor that is credited for helping Dylan ( combat Pontine Glioma. Dr.’s Pyne, Walker and Velaquez feel that Dr. Bob is Key in Cristian’s quest to recovery. Dr. Bob has agreed to visit Cristian and work with him outside of his office. Having Dr. Bob on board and doing personal visits with Cristian is incredible news! In the meantime Cristian is now on C-Pap. Sloane called us and set up a meeting for Thurs 01/22/09 at 10AM with Dr.Khakoo and the team to discuss where we are at with Cristian and a Move Forward Game Plan.

John “Gungie” Rivera
Forever Cristian’s Daddy