January 20th 2009

Cristian was moved to Memorial Sloane Kettering’s POU-(Pediatrics Observation Unit) where they hope to soon start doing C-Pap trials, perhaps on Wednesday. C-Pap is when the vent is solely assisting Cristian’s respiration, but Cristian would be pretty much breathing on his own. Prior to the episode on Sunday 01/18/09 Cristian had been on C-Pap for quite some time now and it is what St.Mary’s is equipped to handle. Sloane has decided to keep Cristian at Sloane since Cristian is scheduled to have an MRI on Thursday 01/29/09 and even if by Monday 01/26 Cristian would be well enough to go back to St Mary’s, it wouldn’t make sense having to transport him back and forth again. It usually takes Cris an entire day to settle in after being transported, his heart rate and breathing rate usually goes up for a while. I guess Cristian gets excited from being transported. Dr Pyne and Velaquez came by during the evening hours to visit Cristian and were very happy to meet the special little boy they have been helping and will continue to help. Both Pyne and Velasquez gave Jenelle and I information on the 4 products, the stem cells and the special blanket that they bought for Cristian and the positive effects they will have on Cristian. The special blanket is called Earth FX and it puts negative Ions into the body (grounds the body back to the frequency of the earth). Basically when the body has inflammation it wants to ground itself because it wants more negative ions to bring down the inflammatory factors. Bringing the inflammatory markers down is important because Cristian is swollen/inflamed. Afterwards Cristian’s long time friend FunkMaster Flex came by to see Cristian. Pyne, Velaquez and Flex all said they saw a bright light in Cristians eyes and a strong desire to Live. Dr. Pyne, Dr. Velaquez and Dr. Walker are committed to helping Cristian using highly potent zed, ionized, frequency charged vitamins and minerals that are optimally absorbed into the cells for improved cellular function including the increase of ATP which is a way of measuring energy in the cells. In addition, we are using non human, embryonic stem cells to boost the immune system, specifically telomerase (a telomere is a region of repetitive DNA at the end of chromosomes, which protects the end of the chromosome from destruction), and also to improve the cellular function. It is our hope and prayer that these healing modalities are effective in helping Cristian.

John “Gungie” Rivera
Forever Cristian’s Daddy