January 19th 2009-Morning

Cristian was pretty out of it all night and at around 4am this Morning Cristian’s Beautiful Brown eyes were wide open and he seemed to have a lot of his color back, Cristian didn’t seem as pale as he did at St. Mary’s or when he was first brought into Sloane. After the test, they ruled out a flu and will continue to run more tests. Cristian’s White blood cell count is off and he doesn’t seem to have the proper count to combat infections, etc… They just poked him (OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) to get more blood for further testing since the blood is cloting from his Mediport. Cristian seems alert and his eyes are wide open. Cristian no longer has the ability to nod or smile. The only way to communicate is through asking him to blink, if what you have asked him is what he wants or feels – TV, Massage, does Cristian have Pain, is he ok, is he happy someone is there, does he want to watch a movie, which movie etc… We have to get to the bottom of what happened yesterday. We are hoping that indeed it was an infection, because then we can rule out any Tumor progression or activity which caused this to happen; which would then be a totally different playing field. Cristian continues to win his struggles and We continue to have Faith. Everyone’s prayers are Fantastic. Thank you for your support. Dr Walker, Dr Pyne and Ben Velasquez have been GREAT! The Nurse Staff at Cornell and the entire staff at Memorial Sloane Kettering have also been GREAT!!! Thank you. Today is a New Day, full of Hope and Faith. God please continue to Bless our Baby Boy who has brought so much Joy to so many people and continues to do so!

John “Gungie” Rivera
Forever Cristian’s Daddy