January 18th 2009

Cristian’s heart rate was high all day and his oxygen level was very low. Cristian looked pale and wasn’t the same alert boy he was the last few days. We had him taken to Sloane Urgent Care and he desatted really low, both in the Ambulance and at Sloane. This is so scary to see 8 to 10 people working on our Son, getting his breathing back to normal. We were then sent to Cornell ICU, where Cristian will be put back on a Vent. Cristian appears to have a Viral infection. Cristian has a lot of stuff showing up in his lungs according to the chest x-rays as well as his nose. Doctor Walker came to see Cristian at St Mary’s and within the hour an Ambulance came to take him to Sloane. My Mother and Aunts and Cristian’s buddy KC also came to see Cristian today. We have hit another bump in the Road to Cristian’s healing and I will not let this bump shake my Faith! Cristian has Angels around him!

John “Gungie” Rivera
Forever Cristian’s Daddy