Helpful Homeschooling Tips

Teaching your kids from home? No worries! Here are some tips and tricks to help give your child and yourself the best experience. Staying active is so important. A recess period keeps not only the parents sane, but it also gives the student time to burn off steam from sitting in the house all day. Incorporating this into the daily schedule will give kids a more school-like feel. Sitting in front of the computer all day with assigned tasks does get boring, for anybody!

Another great way to keep from sitting at the desk all day, are “Field Trips”. These are great because they give a hands-on learning experience outside of the living room, kitchen, or wherever the kids are doing their schoolwork. Scavenger hunts at the park, or even just in the backyard are a great distraction. You can also take trips like going for a hike or visiting a museum if any are open. Practicing social distancing and instilling safe procedures are important during this time but being stuck at home can get old. If only we had a Magic School Bus to whisk us away on exciting trips! Since we don’t have that luxury, we do what we can.

For science class, you can do fun at-home experiments that relate back to what children are learning in that session. One experiment that is always fun is placing Mentos in a bottle of soda and watching it explode. If you have more than one child at home, making up a simple science fair for a little friendly competition could be a great brain break, and educational at the same time! Who doesn’t love some competition? There are so many experiments to look up and there are a lot of science kits on that are fairly simple as well! In addition, you can talk to teachers and see if at-home projects could count for extra credit.

The Cristian Rivera Foundation loves to make sure children are able to be children whenever they can! It is all about the little things in life, so just because times are different, does not mean they have to be made harder. We encourage families to make the best of these times and try new ways to spark up the schoolwork for your little ones!

by Tori Montes

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