Top Educational Programs To Watch

When most of us were growing up, Magic School Bus was always a favorite go-to! When you need a break from actual lessons, sometimes watching a documentary is the best option. The History channel has so many shows for whatever history lesson your child is learning. Having to work from home can be difficult due to many possible distractions. Obviously the material you need to read is necessary, but before or after reading a book, watching a documentary is a great way to retain information while you’re relaxing!

What’s on Your Plate, is a movie that focuses on the food chain and where everything comes from. Even something like this educates children on what they are putting into their bodies. It teaches them where their food comes from, but it is in the perspective of kids themselves, which makes it easily relatable. Liberty’s Kids, is a great animation about traveling back in time. For younger kids learning history, this program is the best way to go!

Watching movies is a great way for the parents to get a break as well. Leave the kids with an educational movie and boom… they are learning and the parent is able to do what they need! Watching educational movies does help improve development. It allows kids to visually process the lessons and facts not just read about them. Many Disney movies have an underlying meaning behind them. Some may not specifically teach science or history lessons, but can give children a lesson about morals. Morals are just as important. For example, Wall-E, has to do with our planet degrading and not being livable because of poor air quality. Then, there is Inside Out, which portrays that even when you have a lot of emotions, you must do your best to stay positive and happy. This film is geared more towards mental and emotional growth.

by Tori Montes

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