CRF Couch to 5k in 5 Weeks

There isn’t much longer before the 4th annual Cristian Rivera Foundation 5k and that means we are running out of time to train! While even just the thought of running is distasteful to probably all of us, doing a little bit of training before the 5k on July 17th is necessary in order to complete the full 3.1 miles of the walk/run.

Before interning at the Cristian Rivera Foundation I was an NCAA Division one athlete in track and field and cross country. Don’t worry, I’m not going to prescribe to you the 100 mile weeks my coach told me to, the point of the blog is to help you become a little more prepared for the run and have fun doing it!

Week 1 – 3 Workouts

Run 30 Seconds Walk 5 Mins x2

The main thing to focus on in week one is taking the running parts of your workouts easy. One of the reasons people hate running is because every run turns into a race. Take the running sections at a comfortable pace, even if that’s just faster than your walking pace.

Most people quit working out after the first few workouts not because it’s hard but because of soreness. Being sore after a workout is your body telling you that it’s making changes and adapting. If you haven’t worked out for a long time, or even at all, be prepared to feel some soreness in your legs, this is normal.

Week 2 – 3 Workouts

Run 1 Min Walk 5 Mins x2

This week focus on the positives! Can you make it over 1 mile during your workouts? Track your progress with either the MapMyRun or Strava apps and watch as things become a little easier and each run you go a little farther. You can also use these apps to connect with other runners and participants, all training for the Cristian Rivera Foundation 5k! Click here to go to our CRF Strava group and check out what other people did for their workouts today!

Week 3 – 3 Workouts

Run 1 Min Walk 3 Mins X3

This week we are cutting down the break between the running sections of your workouts. Things might get a little tougher but keep your mind set on how great it will feel to cross that finish line in only just over 2 weeks. Things to focus on this week are staying consistent. Make yourself a schedule each day and be sure to find time to fit in your workouts. Remember the hardest part of the run is just putting on your shoes and getting out the door!

Week 4 – 3 workouts

Run 2-3 Mins, Walk 3 Mins X3

Welcome to the hardest week of training. The training this week is what is going to pull you through 3.1 miles all the way to that finish line! You are so close so don’t fall behind now. This week set your mind on your goals for the race. Whether that’s completing the full 5k of the run/walk or doing it in under a certain time, set your goals high but also realistic. Setting goals will help you to keep up your training and give you something to strive for come race day.

Week 5 – 2 workouts and Race Day!

1 Min Walk 5 Mins x2

One week until the CRF 5k walk/run! This week is all about recovering and getting ready to complete the race on Saturday. We are reverting your training to what you did during week 2 to make sure you feel 100 percent recovered and ready to go!

Race Day July 17th

Congratulations you did it! After 5 weeks of hard training you are ready to complete the Cristian Rivera Foundation 5k. Whether you are doing it virtually or in person at Van Cortlandt Park, have fun and good luck!  Happy running!

By Trevor Dominy

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