Cindy and Lou Campbell won a Dinner Party with World-Renowned Goya Chef Fernando Desa

Cindy and Lou Campbell from the Ty Louis Campbell Foundation and the Children’s Brain Tumor Project won the bid at the 11th Annual CRF Gala for the 5 Course Dinner and Wine Pairing by Goya’s Official Chef Fernando Desa. Our founder John attended the dinner and was able to chat with Dr. Jeff Greenfield, Dr. Mark Souweidane, and Dr. Catilin Hoffman about baseball, films, and most importantly how we can accelerate pediatric brain tumor research. A special thank you to Goya Foods and Chef Ferndando Desa for an amazing dinner presentation and Cindy Zimba Campbell for bidding on this experience. John was also delighted to finally have the opportunity to connect with Tara Lipton with whom he shares the love of a mutual friend Keith Lustman. We’re grateful for everyone in attendance and their work against DIPG!

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