Aldo Marin has been a board member at the Cristian Rivera Foundation for over 8 years and was the 2019 recipient of the Service and Dedication Award.  Professionally, he works in the music industry with his successful record label, Cutting Records, based out of New York City. Cutting Records has several top-charting pop songs under their belt including “Wiggle It” by 2 In A Room and “Temptation” by Corina. The label was also home to the Latin chart blockbuster group “Fulanito”. While working and collaborating with other noteworthy artists such as the Vargas Brothers and Daddy Yankee, Cutting Records has been nominated for several Grammy awards. Aldo was also a renowned DJ and even played on the radio station WKTU. His accomplishments as a music producer and editor led to Aldo serving on the Grammy committee for the Recording Academy (NARAS) to lend his expertise on the Dance and Latin genres. He continues to work as the head of Cutting Records to make music that makes you want to dance all day long.

Aldo and our Founder John “Gungie” Rivera have been friends for over 3 decades, but it was only after reconnecting that Aldo learned about Cristian Rivera’s passing and decided to join the board. Aldo expressed that after learning about John’s experience with Cristian’s illness and gaining a better understanding of DIPG, he wanted to get involved. There are many qualities that make a good board member for CRF, but Aldo shared he feels it is important to “feel the pain of the children and what their families are going through”. Aldo felt that pain when he heard Cristian’s story and he had a strong desire to help. He feels that the most important thing the foundation can do is support families through their hard times and fundraise money for the clinical trials.

One of Aldo’s goals as a board member is to achieve as much fundraising as possible each year.  He knows that fundraising is vital to support the clinical trials for DIPG treatments, especially Dr. Mark Souweidane’s trial with Convection Enhanced Delivery (CED).  Money for these trials is what will help us find the cure! Some of his favorite memories as a board member have been at fundraising events including the annual celebrity galas and the 5k walks. He stated that these events “bring a lot of good people together to help the cause”. Aldo also hopes to find grants that could help fund the trials and the Cristian Rivera Foundation. He is always looking for ways to help this foundation and is willing to step up and help with whatever is needed at any time.

When asked what success looks like to him, Aldo said, “Success is, to me, being healthy, having your family all around you and being able to sustain yourself in this society. With much love and happiness for all.” This is his dream for all DIPG children and their families. After meeting Lisha Ayala, a DIPG survivor who participated in Dr. Souweidane’s trial, Aldo felt grateful and happy for her family. “Like a miracle, thank God, that she has survived this terrible disease that most children are not fortunate enough to live through”. He was ecstatic that the trial worked for her and can work for other kids in the future. Aldo is honored to be a part of CRF and wants to do the best possible job to help these children and their families. He said, “Each and every day we are trying to do something”. We are so grateful to Aldo and his dedication to the Cristian Rivera Foundation. We cannot express our gratitude and appreciation enough for all of our board members that make our mission possible!

By Grace Ison

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