What to Do When You Feel Stuck in Life

Life can creep up on you very quickly and oftentimes we are left feeling stuck with no idea of where to go. We feel like we went down the wrong path and can’t correct ourselves or come out of it. Maybe we went to college and got a degree, but quickly realize it’s not our passion. Or, the biggest one of all…  someone you know is dealing with cancer and you feel stuck and hopeless. Well, hopefully, I can help you see the other side of things and you can use what I give you to overcome your feeling of being stuck in life.

I Don’t Want to Use my College Degree, Now What?

I’ve heard so many times how college students are getting ready to graduate and fear not using their degree. So many are scared that they went to school for nothing and are worried they can’t get a job that they desire. Well, I am here to tell you that you should never let your degree define who you are. Graduating can feel scary and you oftentimes feel stuck in life because you don’t want to use your degree. Your degree isn’t a title to define your life

A degree is a tool to show ANY employer that you have what it takes to accomplish something. I personally got a degree in Criminal Justice but decided not to use it and now I work in Sports Marketing. I felt stuck for so long thinking that I HAD to work in a Criminal Justice related field. I went after what I wanted to do in life and used my degree in interviews that I had what it takes to learn new things, accomplish my goals, and manage time. Those are the biggest things to tell employers if you want to pursue your dream outside of your degree. Don’t let anything define who you are as a person. Go after what you want in life and use what you DO have to relate to the job you want. Most places want someone willing to learn the job and grow. Unstick yourself from a situation like this and go after what you want.

Someone I Love Has Cancer

This is something that no one ever wants to deal with. Someone you love has cancer and it just completely halts your life. You feel hopeless and think that there’s nothing you can do to help. Well, this is a time to unstick yourself and battle with them. Be the one to reach out to foundations for support. Take charge and fight for whatever it takes to help that person out. Causing this situation to make you stuck in your life shows that you’ve already given up, but you shouldn’t. Look to the other side, ask for help and support, don’t be alone, and be by their side through everything. 

I talked about the college degree because it relates to this. Don’t ever let anything in your life define who you are and control your outcome. Cancer happened to someone you love and you feel it controls your life, their life, and it’s now defining your life. Don’t let it. Be the one to fight back, control your own outcome, and define what happens next. Reaching out to others for support will help you get unstuck and those people will be there with you along the way to help fight it.

Life will take control of you and define who you are, as a person, only if you allow it. When you get stuck, don’t ever give up. Just find a way to get yourself out of it.

By Alex Appleget

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