Wednesday 9th of June 2010

Pontine Glioma, put me in touch with yet another father of a child diagnosed with the disease. Larry’s daughter Danielle is only six years old and she’s had Pontine Glioma since November of 2009. He seemed like a fighter and even reminded me a little of myself. We talked about the different types of treatment and it was so sad speaking with him. It brought back memories of Cristian, who was Danielle’s age when he died, and it reminded me that we are still so far from a cure. Doctor Souweidane’s research gives me a lot of hope but, for now, children are still getting sick and still dying. I can’t wait for the day when that’s no longer the case. From that touching conversation, I then went to the Fifth Annual Fundraising Event put on by Voices Against Brain Cancer. That’s the foundation started by my friend Mario Lichtenstein, who also lost his son to a brain tumor. He is an amazing person and he put on a great event. It was such an emotional night for me. So many memories come flooding back after talking with parents who went through the same thing I did. But it was also a beautiful event that gave me hope for what brain tumor foundations like mine, and like Mario’s, can accomplish. The fundraiser was held at the Manhattan Ballroom and it had a silent auction with lots of interesting items up for bid, as well as bands that performed throughout the night. One of the bands featured Billy Joel’s saxophone player and former New York Yankee Bernie Williams on guitar. Bernie Williams also hosted the event and-in a very touching move-wore the Cristian Rivera Foundation wristband at the event. The more we get our message out there, the more we can grow and the closer we can get to curing Pontine Glioma.