Wednesday 13th of January 2010

As we enter 2010, I am determined to put an even greater stamp on the world through both Cristian’s foundation and the strength that God has given me since his passing. I thank God for revealing so much to me this past year and giving me the strength to overcome any obstacle that has been put in front of me or my loved ones. So many people have been showing their support for the Foundation by wearing our signature blue wristband. Even Diddy wore one and it was featured in Life & Style Magazine. Though it was hard celebrating my first Christmas and New Year’s without my baby, it is this support from my dear friends on Earth as well as from above that gets me through. And even though Cristian was not with me physically, he was there in spirit. I know he is proud of everything we’ve accomplished so far, and everything we will accomplish this year. I’m currently planning the next Cristian Rivera Foundation gala for February, and I am working with Dr. Mark Souweidane. He has had some very promising results with tests of new Pontine Glioma treatments and new ways of getting them into the body. He had great success testing on animals and is just about ready to move to the next stage, testing on humans. I am so excited to see him help other children like Cristian, who I know is excited too. It’s been almost a year without my baby but that year has made me a stronger, better person and for that I am grateful.