Spring Break: COVID-19 Edition

It’s about that time of the year when Spring Break rolls around. Due to COVID-19, your child’s school may have cancelled Spring Break this year, but if they haven’t here are some tips and tricks to stay safe.

Disclaimer: We are not advising travelling, however advising tips on how to stay safe. Please continue following CDC Guidelines and plan to get the COVID vaccine when available to you.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, travelling has not really been a part of our daily lives. We are used to travelling a certain way without having to worry about germs and infections as much as we do now. When it comes to determining a form of transportation, driving is the safest way to travel. If you are renting a car or an RV, be sure to thoroughly wipe down everything before you leave! Plan a road trip with your family, there are so many outdoor sights to see all over the US. It’s also recommended to bring your own groceries to cook and eat at your place of accommodation.

If you are in the West, check out the Grand Canyon or the Antelope Canyon in Arizona. California has a wide range of national parks including Sequoia National Park, Redwood National Park, Yosemite National Park, and Joshua Tree National Park. Or you can visit beaches across the California coast line! There are so many National Parks and Canyons in this region, the choices are endless!

If you are up North, you may want to make a trip to Glacier National Park in Montana. With no cell service up there, take advantage of beautiful hikes, blissful kayaking, or just some old-fashioned relaxation. If your kids have never been camping before, any of these places is a great opportunity to show them what it’s like! You can try fishing, building a fire, making s’mores, and so many other things. If you reside near Michigan, take a trip to Sleeping Bear Dunes if you enjoy hiking, canoeing, or just being in the water!

If you are near mountains and want to take a skiing trip, it’s advised to book private accommodations at the ski resort. The CDC advises you to continue social distancing while outside and wear a mask under your ski mask. If possible, bring your own gear rather than renting to avoid any contact with germs. The National Ski Areas Association has created a list of guidelines for resorts to follow to ensure cleanliness and safety.

If you reside in the East Coast and want some relaxation, take a visit to the Finger Lakes in New York. There are also a few national parks in New England like Acadia National Park. Cape Cod is a beautiful getaway if you enjoy being near the water.

If you are in the South, a trip to Chattanooga and the Great Smoky Mountains is a great option! Renting a cabin, going hiking, and walking around the town are just a few things to be done here. If you prefer the beach, Florida’s beaches are well-known and are the perfect spot for some relaxation.

While the pandemic has changed our lives, we can still find ways to adapt. If you and your family do decide to travel this spring, be sure to pay attention to each state’s COVID-19 guidelines and adhere to them.

By: Rhea Maladkar

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