September 23rd 2008

Cristian had therapy at the hospital today and afterwards Dr Khakoo saw him and called me and expressed her concerns. We will meet Thursday to further discuss the options available for Cristian. I picked up Cristian afterwards and he saw his big brother JC. We ordered trains on e-bay, which is our ritual. I had someone come over and gave Cristian a massage on the massage table which is something Cristian loves. We hooked up his Wii that I got him for his B-day and we played with it and then watched Thomas The Train movies. Cristian’s condition is getting worst by the day. I called Ray who is a person that has Stigmata and held sessions with Dylan. According to Dylan’s father, Ray is another reason Dylan got better. Ray saw Dylan periodically. Ray and I spoke and Ray will see Cristian Wednesday morning. I also called the Reiki person and scheduled Cristian for Wednesday afternoon. Cristian didn’t get to see her Monday. I want to thank everyone who continues to show support. We need it more than ever. Cristian will pull through!!! I believe and I have faith.

John “Gungie” Rivera
Forever Cristian’s Daddy