September 11th 2008

September 11th,2001 the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers were hit by planes in a terrorist act. September 11th 2008 I was hit by something as well, “Bad News”. Dr Khakoo informed me that after examing Cristian she said his right side and eyes are getting worst.They did a scan and the fluids are not draining. This isn’t good. The scan showed that the port is working so why aren’t the fluids draining? Friday September 12th they will do an MRI to see what’s going on. Please join me in prayer at 12 noon as Cristian sets his MRI. Jenelle and I have Faith. Our son has been through so much. He is our hero! He is so brave! God please bless our son!

John “Gungie” Rivera
Forever Cristian’s Daddy