Savannah Cash

Savannah Audrey Cash was a child filled with happiness and life. She had a strong, outgoing, and spontaneous personality that could connect with nearly anybody she came into contact with. Savannah wanted to have fun in her life and didn’t let anything get her in her way. She performed in her pre-school plays as well as her school choir. Savannah was also very independent. On the first day of kindergarten, children normally hold their parent’s hands walking into class, but not Savannah. She wanted to be independent and strut into the classroom all by herself, like a grown woman. Her independent and humorous nature is what made Savannah so admirable to the people around her.

When she was 14, Savannah started experiencing headaches very frequently and she started looking through people not at them. This caused a great deal of concern, so her parents took her for a CT Scan and an MRI. On January 9, 2008, a brain tumor was discovered in Savannah’s brain stem and she was officially diagnosed with DIPG. That night her mother, Laurel, went into her room, to pray with her and reassure her that she was not going to fight this terrible cancer alone. The Cash family supported her through the entire DIPG process. There was total transparency in what was going on through the countless doctor appointments. For four months Savannah battled DIPG and spent time being spontaneous with her family. May 22, 2008, Savannah Cash went to heaven peacefully. Savannah’s memory of being independent and full of life will always live on through the Cash family.

by Austen Conrado

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