Safe Activities for Families During a Pandemic

Having a family is awesome! Kids are hilarious, smart, kind and lots of fun to spend time with.  They are so creative and there are usually so many things to do together.  Now, with most kids being at home all day and unable to see their friends, finding fun things to do as a family can be difficult.  You have to spend a lot of time thinking about your plans for the evenings and weekends! We have a couple of ideas for some fun activities to keep you and your family busy.

Go Outside

Being outside is a great way to burn energy, refresh your mind, reduce stress, and have fun! Depending on your local weather, there are tons of outdoor activities for the whole family.  Taking a daily walk can have a big impact on your mental health, and if you have a dog, bringing them along will help everyone burn some energy. You can also venture into a local park to take a hike and enjoy some time in nature! Check out the list here for national parks all throughout the United States. Consider taking along a nature bingo card and seeing what you can spot.  Playgrounds can be a safe place to have fun, just make sure you are socially distancing and wearing a mask.  If you are living in a warm-weather area, take a weekend and go camping! There is nothing like sleeping under the stars to rejuvenate your family.  You can also go swimming, have a picnic, go biking or rent a kayak. If you live somewhere that is experiencing the chilling temperatures of winter, embrace it by going skiing, sledding, or building a snowman!

Visit Museums

Many museums in cities have reopened with COVID-19 safe precautions.  With limited tickets available, masks, and added sanitation, museums can be a safe outing for the family.  Check out art, learn about history, or visit a local children’s museum for an exciting getaway. You will learn a lot and have tons to talk about! You can even find some interesting topics and continue that learning at home. Visit this website to read about the top children’s museums in the country.

Get Crafty

There are tons of family crafts you can do without fancy supplies and with varying amounts of time! Hold a family painting night and use a YouTube tutorial to learn how to paint a simple picture.  Compare the results and consider hanging the finished products in the living room!  Relive your childhood by making snowflake cutouts and string them together to make a decorative garland. Have a play doh or clay day and get creative with your designs.  Whatever your family’s skills, you can find a fun art project to work on! Check out stores including Dollar Tree, Michael’s, Walmart and Joann’s to find reasonably priced craft supplies. Martha Stewart has some great suggestions for easy family crafts here.

Be Competitive

Games are always a fun way to pass the time! Some games take a lot of time and brain power, while others are just quick, easy and fun.  You can find games online or play a traditional board game.  Some top-rated board and card games for the family include Spot It, Hedbandz, Clue, Exploding Kittens, Jenga, Hi-Ho Cherry-O, and Ticket to Ride. Some top rated free sites and games to play online include,, and Check out these different games and let us know which ones were your favorites!

There is nothing like family time! Although sometimes it can be hard to find positivity in this unknown time, try to cherish the memories you make with your family. This may be the most free time you will ever have to spend with each other. Be silly, have fun, take breaks and enjoy life!

By Grace Ison 

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