Cristian Rivera Foundation

Cristian’s Journey


A Story Inspired by John “Gungie” Rivera,
“Forever Cristian’s Daddy”
Written by John “Gungie” Rivera

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Cristian, the youngest train operator in Big City history, takes pride in his train and he truly cares for every passenger who steps aboard.  He spreads his daily message with words of encouragement and his love quickly spreads throughout the Big City. 

Cristian also discovers that he is not feeling well and has a limited time to touch as many people as possible with his message. 

Despite it all, Cristian continues to move “Full Steam Ahead” with spreading his message of love and benevolence.  Step aboard and experience “Cristian’s Journey“, a tale about passion and never giving up despite the odds. 

Book Reviews

Cristian’s journey is an amazing book that tells the testimony of Cristian’s life and the strong impact that he has left on this earth. This book clearly depicts Cristian’s love for others, his kindness and his bright personality. I felt an emotional connection to both Cristian and his father, John “Gungie” Rivera as I read this book. Cristian truly was the little train that COULD! While I noticed many beautiful and life-related messages throughout his book, one message that I took away was that Cristian’s love was infectious, and just as he did, he was truly a light to others too. Even amidst his illness struggles, Cristian never gave up and he continued to selflessly serve and care for others. After learning about Cristian’s journey, everyday I am inspired to live my life and to walk in love, just as he did. It is definitely worth the read. Full Steam Ahead!

By AnneMarie Hoopes

There are many great children books amongst our community that are positive, uplifting, and encourages our children to be the best that they can be; not only does Cristian’s Journey signify those things but Cristian’s Journey focuses on a young boy who dedicates his life (literally) to serving others. Cristian’s Journey touches on the topic of a young child battling an ominous diagnosis. It takes transparency, an openness, and a willing heart to share such a sensitive and intimate time with others. I am 26 years old and even at this age, I am able to grasp a life learning lesson from Cristian’s Journey and that is to serve others. There is an art when it comes to serving others.. when you serve others with love, the same love will be returned back to you. It was sad to see Cristian become ill in the story, but beautiful to see the love and compassion he left in the heart of people. #ILOVEYOU10!

By Shashanna Walker-Simeon