Prep for Success While Working from Home

Does working from home have you down? Distracted? Disengaged? Don’t worry you are not alone! We have some simple tips and tricks to help you stay focused the best you can. Working from home is not easy. There are so many distractions around you. One hour in, when you are feeling restless, your mind might wander to the desire to clean something, or cook because why not? Your kitchen is right across the hall! It is sometimes difficult to get in the work zone when you are in the comfort of your own home.Well here are a couple ways we suggest to stay in the zone!

  1. Dress the Part.

Waking up on time, and actually getting dressed can help you feel ten times more productive. Doing your morning routine, getting dolled up, as you would going to the office, benefits your mood more than one may realize. When you stay in your pajamas or comfy clothes, it puts you more in a mood to relax, which is a reason why it is difficult to stay focused. At this point you just want to lay in your bed, or sit on your couch and watch TV, this is not a productive mindset.

  1. Take a Brain Break!

Another tip we suggest is giving yourself stretch breaks in between. Stand up, walk around, and let your brain take things in. Strictly sitting on your computer for hours is unhealthy for your eyes and even your body. So giving yourself intervals of standing and stretching will do wonders for your mental and physical health. We all deserve brain breaks!

  1. Squeeze in Time for Yourself.

Rise and shine a little earlier to fit in a cup of coffee. Adding a glass of water is also a great way to start the day. Then at the end of your day make sure once you’re clocked out you do something productive for yourself! Do a workout, cook, laundry, do all those things you contemplated doing throughout the work day.

  1. Play some motivating music!

Lastly we want to suggest that you play some background music. This works for some people, not everyone and we understand that, but overall if you have noise in the background it might give you a greater sense of that office feel. The noise in the background in the office, is the noise we want to replicate. It does not need to be loud or disrupting, but just a little something to evade the silence!

Working from home can be fun and productive, you just have to make it so it works for you! Everyone is different, so do what you need to do to keep yourself sane and on track while in the comfort of your own home.

By Tori Montes

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