Pandemic Safe Halloween

Who doesn’t like to dress up and trick or treat around the neighborhood? Halloween is the time of year where it’s acceptable to be anything and everything other than yourself! Halloween is a fun time for children and adults to dress up and have a great night. Going door to door knocking and receiving free candy is what you look forward to every year as a child.

  Unfortunately this year is looking a little different due to COVID-19. Different doesn’t have to mean a bad thing. It just means we have to add a little extra energy to make this Halloween memorable. If you are one of those people who enjoy sitting at home and handing out candy, you can make little goodie bags and leave them at the door so children come to the door and grab one without digging through a bowl of candy. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, even if it is a little ziplock bag with wrapped candies inside, as if you were handing out candy from a bowl. Another tip is making sure to social distance by approaching a house one family at a time. There was a time when excited kids could run up to a door and cluster together, even with kids they’ve never met before! Unfortunately, that is probably not the safest way to go about it this year. Just make sure to keep hand sanitizer on you and keep your distance. Travel only with those you know and mask up!

Luckily, Halloween is a time where masks are normal. Are you a princess? Wear a pretty mask with a crown on the side to match your costume. Batman? Wear all black to hide your identity even better! Superheroes wear masks, so let’s all be superheroes this Halloween and mask up. Keeping those kiddos safe is our number one priority. Answer the door in a mask, and to all parents, be sure to walk with your kids and set a good example by wearing your mask. This year it’s especially important to avoid large crowds, like you might find while trick or treating in a mall. Always do your best to keep your distance. If you are a group that does not feel comfortable going door to door, go to the store, buy a bag of your family’s favorite candies and pop into a drive in theater. Make your own family Halloween party with pumpkin carving, candy apples, spooky movies, and obviously lots of candy!!

            There are so many ways to keep yourself and your family safe during this fun holiday. Get creative with the CRF team and make this Halloween the most fun and unique one yet for your family and friends! Just remember to stay safe and careful during these times.

By Tori Montes

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