Outdoor Activities for the Summer

While many of us want to be spending more time outside this summer, especially after a year of lockdown, we can find it hard to think of ways to get outdoors and be active. Today I am going to give you three outdoor options for the summer and the easiest ways on how to locate them.

  1. Walking, Running or Biking

When I think of outdoor activities the first things that come to mind are walking, running and biking. However, for many these could be challenging options because of where you live and finding access to safe roads or paths can be difficult. One amazing option I use for locating bike paths and running trails near me is called AllTrails. It is an online database that will show you all the possible places to run, bike, or hike near you. You can check the difficulty of the route and look at reviews to see how safe it is. When looking for easy access to trails and bike paths this Summer check the AllTrails database to see what is available in your area.

  1. Visit a Park

Another great way to get outdoors this summer is by visiting a park near you. Americans visit their local park and recreation facilities only 27 times per year, or twice a month. Parks offer a huge variety of different outdoor activities for all age groups to enjoy. For the kids it could be as simple as playing on the playground or bringing a ball to play with on the open fields. For adults, a great option is to have a picnic and make yourself a day of it. Another up and coming activity that is becoming more popular at parks is Disc Golf, a game where you throw a frisbee into a metal target with chains that catches your shot. The barrier of entry for this sport is extremely low. Most courses are free to play and widely available in most parks. Just buy yourself a few discs and get out there and play.

  1. Go to a Theme Park!

Another great activity to partake in this summer is going back to theme parks. As things start to reopen now is a great time to take advantage of the short lines and fast rides of America’s amusement parks. While theme parks aren’t as accessible as trails or parks, making the trip at least once this summer is a great way to get outside and have some fun. There is a compiled list of all the theme parks close to you on The Park Database. So find one in your area and get out there for some adrenaline packed fun. 

By Trevor Dominy

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