October 3rd 2008

Today Cristian went to Dr.Bob, Dr Bob is the Chiropractor that treats Dylan. Cristian took x-rays. Dr Bob showed me how he can release pressure around the stem of Cristian’s Brain. Cristian will see Dr Bob every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Cristian also had Reiki. Afterwords I took Cristian to a Toy Store for being such a good patient. I called Jenelle and I explanied to her that I wanted to keep Cristian on Protocel, Reiki and Dr Bob for 3 weeks without any treatments from Memorial Slone Kettering. The treatments Cristian gets at Memorial Slone Kettering are although are helpful, the down side is the immediate side affects and the long term damage. Jenelle will consider it and we will make the decision on Tuesday. I have Faith that Cristian will get better. Dr Bob said he feels that in three to four weeks we will notice a difference in Cristian’s eyes, walking and entire right side! Today was the happiest I felt in weeks. Cristian’s spirits are GREAT!!! God Bless everyone for your continued support!

John “Gungie” Rivera
Forever Cristian’s Daddy