October 31st 2008

Today Cristian had a pretty good day. He seemed to be more alert. The doctors have him off the sedation. His chest x-rays seem ok. We bought decorations and had a super hero come visit Cristian plus take pictures with him. Cristian had been getting his Etoposide + Valporic Acid. Etoposide is an chemotherapy and Valporic Acid is an anti seizure drug. This combination ( Etoposide + Valporic Acid) is being trialed on another young patient at Memorial Sloan Kettering who is responding nicely. Our hopes are that the Etoposide + Valpori Acid can stabilize the tumor until we can figure an alternative plan and shrink it so that some of his symptoms can be reversed. All the prayers and support is overwhelming and appreciated.

John “Gungie” Rivera
Forever Cristian’s Daddy