young-miriamMiriam Colon has many merits, she has a prolific and a very successful career, and she was the founder and director of the Puerto Rican Traveling Theater in New York City.

Her long career began in 1953 in her native Puerto Rico with the film Los Peloteros. Not already spent a year when the Puerto Rican actress was in the United States seeking for her first opportunity.  Her talent was undeniable.

Shortly after arriving in New York, Miriam was accepted by the founder of the “Actors Studio” Elia Kazan, after a single casting

Miriam became the first Puerto Rican in the studio.

After more than 60 years of career, Miriam is 79-year-old, she has a long list of successes movies in the United States, the country that became her new home. More than 30 films and some 59 appearances in television series are part of her work.

Miriam Close UpHer contributions earned her the 2015 National Medal of Arts which was delivered by the President Barack Obama, thanks to her contributions to the field of art.

The event took place at the White House, where Obama delivered in person medals. Besides the talented Miriam Colón,  Stephen King was recognized, and nine other individuals and institutions in the field of the arts, and ten more in the humanities.

The President opened the ceremony with words of honor for the talented honored
“The men and women whom we honor today are not here only because they shared the truths of their own experiences, but also because they told truths about common experiences we have as Americans and as human beings,” he said.

The Puerto Rican was excited and thanked to represent her country and her culture in such a special place.

“I appreciate this great honor. This recognition makes me feel that you cannot lose hope when things are not right or when there are no positive results. Perseverance and not to give up is fundamental”.

The legendary actress who recognized shed some tears, were the result of great emotion and deep gratitude to the United States, the place that catapulted her as an artist.

“I am an example of a poor woman with a wonderful mother, but did not know how to pursue a career freshened, much less drama. But all through my teachers, my counselors, of the wisest men and the wisest women I could make some achievements ”

The National Medal of Arts was also given to the visual artist John Baldessari, the theater director Ping Chong, the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, the actress Sally Field, the visual artist Ann Hamilton, the composer Meredith Monk, tenor George Shirley, the University Musical Society and the educator Tobias Wolff.

As for the National Humanities Medal historian Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham, author Annie Dillard, the Clemente Course in the Humanities, the novelist Rebecca Goldstein Newberger, and author Alice Waters were recognized.

Likewise, the novelist Larry McMurtry, the architect Everett L. Fly, the author Jhumpa Lahiri, Professor Fedwa Malti-Douglas and historian Vicki Lynn Ruiz were part of the talented group of Americans and immigrants whose work has provided important contributions to culture, education, humanities and entertainment.

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