Monday 22nd of November 2010

Each day, we lose more and more children to Pontine Glioma. It’s a sad fact that’s only made harder now that Thanksgiving is coming, with the holiday season not far behind. I got to meet even more families whose children died of brain tumors at The Mikey Czech Foundation’s Third Annual Moms For Mikey event, Comedy for a Cure. I’m so honored to have attended what was really a spectacular event at the Woodway Country Club in Darien, CT on Saturday November 20. More than 300 people were there. They enjoyed the stand-up comedy of Ray Ellin, Lenny Marcus, Brian Scott McFadden and Tom Van Horn. And they raised $260,000 for pediatric brain cancer research. That night, I had the chance to meet Sharon F. Schoen and her husband, whose son JR died of another brain tumor, not DIPG, and I met the Griffins, whose daughter Faith did have DIPG. Today actually would have been her eighth birthday, so I want to wish her a very happy birthday in Heaven. It was also an opportunity for me to spend time with Bee and Santos Farina. They’ve both been great people and I know they miss their daughter Meghan, who also died of DIPG, very much. They have been very supportive of the Cristian Rivera Foundation and it was great to see them, especially at an event like this that really gives hope about the prospect of finding a cure for DIPG. Mikey’s parents are doing amazing work. The event was so well put together and it was a pleasure to meet both Steve and Jennifer that night. I tip my hat to them and look forward to supporting all of their future accomplishments.

John “Gungie” Rivera
Forever Cristian’s Daddy