Lindsey Steltenpohl – Cristian Rivera Foundation
Lindsey Steltenpohl
Date of Birth: February 16, 2005
Date of Diagnosis: April 13, 2010
Earned Her Wings: August 18, 2011

LINDSEY ANNE STELTENPOHL was born 2-16-05.  She was alway a healthy, happy child.  After some very mild symptoms and a trip to the doctor for her 5 year check-up, she was referred for an MRI at Children’s Hospital.  She was diagnosed with a DIPG brain tumor on 4-13-10. She was given eternal life with Jesus on 8-18-11, after a courageous 16 month battle. She will be forever 6 1/2 and she will be forever loved and missed!!
You can read more about her journey in our background story and previous journal entries.  You can also leave a note of encouragement for her family, as we try to put one foot in front of the other and move thru each day without her.This page is maintained for my beautiful, sweet and loving 5 year old daughter.  We found out on 4-13-10 that she has a tumor on her brain stem.  This was obviously very shocking news.  We have rec’d such an awesome outpouring of Love and Support over the past few days, it really is unbelievable!  I have followed people over the years thru caringbridge and have really enjoyed the ease with which I could stay up to date on the situation.  So when I realized exactly how hard it was going to be to keep everyone equally informed in a timely manner, I felt this would be the best way.  That way I have all the info from you in one place and vice versa.  When I have information on our journey, I can post it so we all stay up to date at our leisure:)  I hope you all choose to follow Lindsey and continue to lift her up in prayer.  I just have to believe that this is going to be remembered as a horrific beginning to a beautiful story.  As I sit here now watching my beautiful, innocent child sleep, I wonder how we got here!!!  I have said it many times over the past 3 days, this can’t be real?!! How can I make this go away but the reality of it is, that it is here and we have to take care of it the best way we can, with the best help we can and with the utmost faith that we will find a happy ending.  There is no other acceptable outcome for my child!  I hope everyone finds this helpful in keeping tabs on the situation and it helps me to get on my soap box or vent a little, which helps keep me from breaking down about the situation as it sits right now.  I so look forward to the days where I am posting very positive messages about how unbelievable her recovery has been and how she has defied the odds!!

We have been asked so may times how someone could make a direct donation to Lindsey’s cause. If you feel compelled to do so, please see link below and it will take you directly to paypal to make a direct donation.  Thank you in advance.