Kenan Thompson spills on ‘SNL’s best guest hosts



Kenan Thompson — who joined “Saturday Night Live” 13 years ago — told Page Six, “The best hosts have been Tom Hanks and Dave Chappelle.”

And, “It’s kind of scary to see how cool Tom Hanks is . . . He is such an icon and people-person at the same time. He gives me hope that if I ever become insanely successful, I can maintain who I am as a person.”

He says of fame on NBC, “I never had groupies . . . It’s not like I’m Usher or something . . . I do not respond well to random women grinding up on me on the dance floor. Marriage definitely showed me another way. It taught me to live for somebody else and not just myself.”

He’s currently using his celebrity to raise funds for the Cristian Rivera Foundation for pediatric cancer research.



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