Keeping Children Active During the Summer

Technology is everywhere and children love it but now instead of going outside and being active, they love to stay in and play their virtual games!! The technology is amazing so how can we get it away from them? The perfect solution is to make physical activity more fun so that they have to put down their technology! Having fun will not only help them be active physically but it will also help with their mental health! These fun activities will keep kids active and healthy all while having fun!

            Having races can be an easy and obvious form of activity! These races do not have to be running, they can be one-legged, three-legged and even crab walking. One can even have jump roping races! This is a perfect way to get one’s energy up. These races can even include obstacles! Use anything from your house and map out a route. One can even add puzzles, other games, and an area that needs to be crossed without touching the ground! This will motivate the children to be active. You can even add a small prize as an incentive! This will definitely keep the kids active!

            Children can also play games to keep them active. The classic game of capture the flag is a perfect game! It can keep the kids active and busy for quite a while! Gather up two teams and take them to a vast space to hide the flags. Depending on where the flags are hidden it can be a long but fun game. Scavenger hunts can be a great game to keep children active! Use your backyard and base it off that. You can even find checklists online to help you plan. Let’s not forget about the classic backyard games! We have kickball, dodge ball, baseball, soccer, and basketball! Kids do love some friendly competition!

            To make all of these activities even better, have the whole family do them! It’s a great way to get family time in! Here at The Cristian Rivera Foundation, we work so that children can do all of these activities. It’s even more important that these children with DIPG are able to do these activities with their families. Family time is so important, especially when one of your loved ones is sick. Enjoy the time you have with your family and spend some time getting active!

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